A Message to the Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Community from Dr. Eric David, CEO of Adrenas Therapeutics

We at Adrenas know that this is a challenging time for all families, and that current circumstances often pose unique and greater burdens on adults with CAH and families caring for children with CAH. We hope that you are all doing well and are taking care.

We want to assure you that we remain as committed as ever to moving forward with our program to develop gene therapy for adults and children living with CAH. But we also must acknowledge that we are facing unforeseen challenges with this global pandemic.

As most of you know, hospitals and healthcare providers are focused on fighting COVID-19, and are reserving hospital capacity to fight the pandemic. Many hospitals and clinics have postponed elective medical procedures and are turning away all but those requiring the most urgent care. In parallel, many institutions have suspended clinical trial activities except for those where interruption of study treatment and associated care might compromise patient safety. While we will do our absolute best to minimize any delays in the implementation of any clinical trials of gene therapy for CAH, the exact timing depends on how this dynamic situation evolves. Because we have not yet begun our first clinical trials, our sincere hope is that progress will be made against COVID-19 in the intervening months of 2020, allowing the clinical trials machinery to return to normal. Regardless, we remain committed to conducting our studies and we will do everything we can to push towards beginning the clinical development of our gene therapy for CAH as fast and safely as we can.

We are committed to the CAH community and, first and foremost, to the safety of those living with CAH.  We will keep you up to date as the situation evolves and inform you of key developments from Adrenas and BridgeBio.

We would like to invite you to read a message from Neil Kumar, the CEO of BridgeBio, our parent company: https://bridgebio.com/news/an-open-letter-to-patients-and-their-families-from-bridgebio-pharma-ceo-neil-kumar.

In the meantime, we wish you well. Please stay safe. We are in this together and despite the uncertainty about what the future holds, we will continue to work as fast and diligently as we possibly can to support CAH patients.  If you would like further information, please contact us at patientadvocacy@adrenastx.com.

Warm regards,

Eric David, MD, JD

CEO, Adrenas Therapeutics